Mystic Tribe A.I. | Telepathic Seduction [Clone]
[audio http://www.fileden.com/files/2012/8/19/3338551/02%20Mystic%20Tribe%20A.I.%20-%20Telepathic%20Seduction.mp3]

10 years to date since James Stinton‘s untimely death. Two of his rare interviews here, and here.

We are aware that there are other truths out there: truths other than the truths we are familiar with. For exactly this reason, the accusations (from only a few camps, mind you) against Drexciya’s razor-sharp outlook as one that actively promoted loathing (on ‘the Caucasian Persuasion’ etc), has to be weighed within the context of the deeper history and struggle (of where they came from).

“All the black men you see in America today are the direct result of those actions: all the freedoms we have, as well as the restrictions, refer back to the government and the Black Panthers in the ’70s. So we make music. We make music about who we are and where we’re from. Of course there are going to be links – that’s why we had songs with titles like Riot. Because that’s indicative of the era we were born in, and the things we remember. As time goes on, naturally I think the messages will get further away from that. It’s not a coincidence. There is a reason behind UR and Public Enemy and these people.” – Jeff Mills

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