Higher than a Frequent Flyer

Jeremih  |  Outta Control  [Ft Gucci Mane] http://www.fileden.com/files/2012/8/19/3338551/04%20-%20Outta%20Control%20Ft%20Gucci%20Mane%20and%202%20Chainz%20%28Prod%20KB%29%20%28DatPiff%20Exclusive%29.mp3

Jeremih  |  Fuck U all the Time  [Ft Natasha Mosley] 

Jeremih is the Most Improved Player of the Year: His fluid vocal work getting mo’ amazin’ by the day, that featherweight switch-up flow landing outta nowhere, blink, smoke, gone.

Produced by FKi,’Fuck U all the Time’ is life-changing: the sort of love jawn Houston couldn’t manage with a year of chopped & screwed tapes.

Space Trains, Gucci Mane on cruise-control, weird plinkin’ beats: From deep within a twisted RnB den — Mixtape of the Year.

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