Tuned Sessions 01: Marcberg

The first in our Tuned Mix Series comes courtesy of the mysterious Marcberg.

Starting off with the glittering DJ Pete sleeper ‘Scent’ slowed down to a hilt, he’s put the burn back in the slow-burn. It’s a mix that begrudgingly gathers momentum, somehow managing to whip up a mild storm towards the end with “Screen” & ‘Wax 3B”. All this while casting our favourite son Justin Timberlake in new light (through a deep coded Mick Huckaby grinder).

01  Substance | Scent
02  Deepchord | Electromagnetic Dowsing [Mike Huckaby Remix]
03  Fet Et Moi | Paris is for Lovers
04  Phantom Ghost | The Shadow in Praise of Shadow [Carsten Jost Remix]
05  Schweiz Rec | Workshop 10 B1
06  Reagenz | Keep Building
07  Jayson Brothers | Keep on Dancin’
08  Lowtec | Workshop 10 A1
09  Horizontal Ground 04 | Snake Cave
10  Zomby | Tarantula
11  Skudge | Ontic
12  Marcel Dettmann | Screen
13  Wax |30003 B
14  Black Jazz Consortium | Levels
15  Move D (Ft DJ Late) | Theo
16  —

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