Terekke | Amaze [L.I.E.S] [audio https://tunedmassdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/b2-terekke_-amaze_vinylmaster.mp3]

The new Terekke cover art features Hubble’s eXtreme Deep Field. True to form, it’s an eXtreme Super Deep 12″. “Amaze” is the record of the month. Hell (we are calling it early), it’s the Record of the Year. We haven’t been this moved by a song in yonks. That’s saying something, since the last 3 years have been stupendous for music. If ‘Pf Pf Pass’ and ‘Damn’ put the ‘slow’ back in the slow burn, “Amaze” carries the ‘burn’ 30,000 miles in. It exists on that plane infinite, where the ghost of a thousand soulstresses hover over you while you, dressed like Tony Leung Chiu-Wai In the Mood for Love, buries a centuries-old message about love, and the loss of love, inside the tomb of doom.

Better words about the record here. ‘Damn’ repress out now. Don’t sleep (or die).

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