Mix of the Month: Bobo Shanti (of Krema Diaz)


Krema Diaz is back, to you hit you in the face (and groin) with more post-apocalyptic funk. ‘Bobo Shanti’ of Krema Diaz to be exact. This mix might not be the crew’s greatest, but it will work you like a 9 to 5 (plus put in that overtime). Here’s why:

If you are uninitiated, Krema Diaz is a bunch of Sri Lankan outlaws who fall (comfortably) in between Milli Vanilli and James Blake, if both of these artists were stuck on an island they remade Pirates of the Caribbean on. If that’s too confusing, we don’t blame you, we feel the same way. True to its title, the mix essentially feels like a twisted Valentines Day tribute. What it lacks in clear-sighted fluidity, it makes up in colour (and mojo). The pivotal moment of the mix occurs when it morphs from a Milli Vanilli-sque opening into Jeremih’s song of the year/lovejam of the century “Fuck You All the Time”, only to slip in to Daphni’s glorious “Yes, I Know” next.

Not quite Michael Silver masterclass, but the genre-blending qualities here reminded us of CFCF’s celebrated mixes (two of which we will die by). Get in.

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