Tuned Sessions 02: Saint Placid


The 2nd of our Tuned Sessions comes via the town of the seven hills, Tulle  (transcoded through the shadowy haze of London, where he now resides). Saint Placid is a connoisseur of sound we gained the pleasure of association during our maiden foray into the Naeba Greenland (for the 12th Labyrinth). His culled presence can be encountered online at Void/Quality and formerly at HouseHusbandRadio. The mix has been recorded at Vladtheground’s (from HouseHusbandRadio) studio in Toulouse, on “Vlad’s fabulous Urei mixer”. Saint Placid’s title (“Messe pour un temps de merde”) and artwork for the mix are a teasing reference to Pierre Henry/Maurice Béjart and the time of recording (an otherwise Springy Sunday in the South of France) which brought  “an ominous cloud of darkness over the surroundings”.

Immersive and hazed-out, the journey here is bookended with the work of 03 legends, with what’s falling in between not playing second fiddle in any form: from Mike Parker’s spine-rectifying Inversion series to some of Rob Brown & Sean Booth’s finest work as Gescom. Classic sounds inside/out, presented with an understated touch. Let it ring.

01 Harmonia & Eno ’76  | Weird Dream [Grönland Records]
02 Growing | Lens Around The [Social Registry]
03 Rhythm & Sound | Distance [Rhythm & Sounds]
04 Snd | 36 [Snd]
05 Mike Parker | Inversion 9 (from inversions vol 3) [Geophone]
06 Gescom | Keynell [AE Mix] [Warp Records]
07 Rhythm & Sound | Smile [Rhythm & Sounds]
08 Deadbeat | Abu Ghraib (Tension Dub) [~Scape]
09 Mike Parker | Inversion 11 [Geophone]
10 David Alvarado | Aurora [Rated X Records]
11 Danton Eeprom | Strictly Erotics [Fondation Records]
12 tobias. | Go [Wagon Repair]
13 Mike Parker | Inversion 8 [Geophone]
14 Growing | Green Flag [The Social Registry]
15 Rhythm & Sound | Range [Rhythm & Sounds]

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