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Actress, Wee Bey

Actress is back, with a trusted villain and a white-noised kickdrum.

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10  KMFH | Spoof [Wild Oats] 09  Benjamin Damage | 010x (SCNTST Remix) [50Weapons] 08  Joey Anderson | Press Play [Latency] 07  Johannes Volk | The Second Resistance [Dolly] 06 … Continue reading

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Daffy Maestro, Home EP

In today’s post-IDM, post-electronic, post-everything landscape, it’s pretty hard to stand out. Scratch that, its hard to simply get people to listen to your music, the space shared by devoted music … Continue reading

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Untold, Targa/Glare

There’s a theory that “good artists make bad tracks” on 50 Weapons, the London based label run by Modeselektor. While that may sound like a somewhat discerning discogs comment, one … Continue reading

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Deepchord, Prana

Deepchord  |  Prana One of the deepest of Rod Modell burners, the fuzzedout layers of circling metallic angelic chords on a swirling heavenbound push upstairs. A dub-techno ballerina, a track … Continue reading

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