NYE ’13 with Versa and Reflec, The Luna Terrace, Galle


(Elsewhere in NYE Sri Lanka) as stages collapsed, Juicy M beatmatched without headphones, and Sunil Perera probably choked a mircophone, the Good Music Movement was busy getting a picturesque Luna Terrace (at the Closenberg Hotel, “on a cliff with a pool and a sea view”) last-minute ready. With oceanic, 180-views sicker than a Sheikh’s manor on the coast of Ras al-Khaimah, the infinity pool blended into the bay of Galle, while being dangerously close to the edge of the dancefloor (but Michael Jackson-Dangerous?). This NYE, GMM had a fully fledged bill: two DJs from a cutting-edge Manchester bass music crew, known (especially) for their skill on the decks.

When we got there, the midnight fireworks had ended and Asvajit was at the tail end of a warm-up set, peaking with a Mark Funk track that’s been a staple of his recent sets. A small powerpack of a DJ, Versa then dived headfirst in to a heady glider of a set, filled with Mariana Trench passages and deep, tugging dub techno chords, from everything that sounded like Prince of Denmark to Deepchord. The floor was not exactly clearing, but it was refreshing to find a DJ who was not exactly laying it down easy for the crowd, and during peak-time NYE at that. A perfect, uncompromising start to the year.

Next up: Working on CDJs and one TT, Reflec (aka Shadowfax) began rather shakily, but gradually hit his stride, working past the UK 2-step and Tin Man 303s early on his set. The loopy, infectious climax on “DJSF II” didn’t exactly get the crowd going, but when that mother of all (snakecharmer) synthlines on “Man or Mistress” took hold of the floor, the heads were firmly locked in, and the hands began to take flight. Reflec settled into a hard but melodic set that had both the Dudes and the Demi Moores feenin’.

We left abruptly to miss a rave-reviewed sunrise, but with good feelings about the island’s promise (given the right context, location & hypemachine, mind you) to host (actually) good DJs and (actually) good music. Continuing their (ahem) good work, the Movement is back this January 10th with Lord Finesse of wax mountain, Giles Smith!, with strong support from Sarath Pereira on the cards: a slice of Motor City Techno and Secretsundaze magic. Telegram your friends, and come high-five a few polar bears.

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