Them Fred P Cans


Daniels Black on the ATH-PRO700MK2:

“The bass. Man. Bowel-hitting. The bass has robbed the bank and dropped some change for me as well! Incredible presence is jiggling the cups on my dome. It is fantastically deep and has authority like a disturbed rhino. The bass is ridiculously satisfying and hits like a shot of Bacardi 151. Seriously, if you love bass, your plate is full – and that includes dessert. It doesn’t distort at high volumes either and amazingly doesn’t stomp the daylights out the mids and highs. From top to bottom, these are full and engaging. Yup, fresh out the pen and sittin’ on monster swoll, these have more low note crunch than any headphone that I’ve owned (case in point : D2000, M50, DT990). If you don’t like bass, steer clear of the LZ! This phone reigns supreme like an angry, rushing elephant. Nothing can stop the sheer might of the bass in these. This is what they were made for and they delivered like Papa John’s.”

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