Oskar Offermann at Luna Terrace, Sri Lanka


Solar Jesus: Offermann during the sunup hours


Fresh off hosting Berlin’s Franklin De Costa and Mumbai’s AlogoRhythm, Galle’s Luna Terrace returned with Agent! and Oskar Offermann.

Offermann was an exciting prospect, one of those modern producers who worked with melody and instruments in rich/dulcet fashion without straddling off to clichéd territory, his style was perhaps a perfect fit for the scenic venue. A warm personality to boot, (when we met him at the teaser gig few days prior) he talked about his love of hiphop, Twin Peaks, Edward’s new LP on Giegling, and how seeing Ricardo Villalobos at (the former) Panorama Bar in 2001 had nudged him towards house music. Some of his best work sounded like Pépé Bradock and Omar-S converging; his amusingly-named White label did faces on 12”s before 50 Weapons made it trendy, and his LWE mix traversed through a rich selection of haus, from both the old guard and the new.

We got there towards the end of Agent!’s set, which seemed to have the floor buzzing. From the moment he transitioned out of Flylife (Xtra), Offermann slipped into groove. Off a 20-hour set and 10-hour flight, the Frankfurt-born DJ continued on a 5-hour journey of nothing but net, replete with peaks and troughs, keys and claps. It was music both heady and buoyant: White material, Mr Templar, Laurent Garnier strings and basslines honeysuckled straight out of a sugar cave. That covert (upcoming/ unreleased) heater that stood out during his Boiler Room was again a blazing standout. Rain stayed in, but so did an appreciative crowd. The sunrise setting ate it all up.

Luna Terrace was fast becoming Sri Lanka’s best dance music venue. From a strictly music point-of-view, few minor glitches remained: The layout could seem a bit disjointed and hard to navigate, with few choice spots on the dancefloor too close to the bar/pool during the peak hours, and the sound tending to get lost in the little pockets of trees (and the Spring Break vibes of the pool nearby). Whilst the crowds weren’t exactly Strictly Rhythm enthusiasts, they excelled in the Rhythm of the Night dept. All things considered, these were net positives: ingredients for a good party and a decidedly unique affair. Most of all, Luna’s hosts were warm and accommodating (fellow) music lovers.

The fortunes of the country’s underground dance music movement are changing, and with that (hopefully), quality and fun keeps converging. With its potential to attract (and capacity to host) talented acts at an all-time high, the upcoming Sri Lankan winter (a humid November to January in sub-continental terms) promises to be the hottest yet.

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