New JT

JT: Not in a rush, but girl, so ready to marry you.   Justin Timberlake | Let the Groove In Justin Timberlake | Don’t Hold the Wall Justin Timberlake | … Continue reading

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The Best Lists of 2012

2012. The border between genres got murkier than ever, and craft and originality slipped into a fancy dress of sorts. Everything was getting more squeezed, in a post-pitchfork, post-ADD, post-everything landscape where even … Continue reading

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Jai Paul

Jai Paul  |  Flip Out [Demo] What is it about Jai Paul songs? That gets them stuck on your brain’s deepest alcoves? Making you hit ‘repeat’ like a crackaddict kangaroo. … Continue reading

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Pure Heat from Kalle J & Johan Tuvesson (best voice of our generation?). New EP droppin 30th.

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