Huerco S. | 24 hours from culture n˚4 (Mix)

Glaciers, ships, continents.  

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10 Planetary Assault Systems | No Exit [Mote-Revolver] 09 Craft | Seq Interrupt [The Final Experiment] 08 Andy Hart | My Queen [Melbourne Deepcast] 07 Marcos Cabral | Falling Liver … Continue reading

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Pettah Interchange III | Rio Cinema

Cinema Transcendental: Pettah Interchange 2014   *[Having missed a sizable portion of the (wide array of) music on offer, this is not meant to be an event review, but a … Continue reading

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Versa | Blues EP

Versa | Sunrise in Una [Cut Records] Music’s love of places — locales — as both catalyst and backdrop, is well documented. The list is long and exhaustive, especially in … Continue reading

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Luv 2 Luv U

Goddess of Drought.

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Inner Varnika 2014: Inner City Savanna with Even Tuell, Fred P, Morphosis and Gilb’r

  Debuting in 2013, Inner Varnika is an intimate dance music festival based in Melbourne around an uncompromising vision for high quality music. The 2013 festival (which we did not attend) had featured … Continue reading

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Asvajit | Pillow Talk EP

  Accidental or ingenious? Either way, the title of Asvajit‘s fourth EP, “Hopper“, manages to work three-fold: (1) Perhaps what you see is what you get, cool little artwork based around a … Continue reading

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Acid Carpet Ride

One underground classic under their built, Willie Burns & Entro Senestre team up to fire up a storm. Track of the year (uh, so far?). The yearning secondary strings/melody that come … Continue reading

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Border Movement Lounge, Live Sessions, 14 March ’14 in Colombo

The Border Movement Lounge series returned, this time with a host of new and seasoned Sri Lankan producers. And we drew a blank: No tracks could be I.D.’d that night. … Continue reading

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Them Fred P Cans

Daniels Black on the ATH-PRO700MK2: “The bass. Man. Bowel-hitting. The bass has robbed the bank and dropped some change for me as well! Incredible presence is jiggling the cups on my … Continue reading

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